Real-Time Detailed Reporting

PBIPayroll offers quality, professional Payroll, HCM and ASO services you can trust.

Time and Attendance Reports

Our workforce management software provides over 50 real-time workforce management reports with options for customizing both content and format. The PBIPayroll system makes it easy to create and automate a broad range of reports.

Time Card Reports

Time card reports are used to track employee punch activities, exceptions, rate transfers, credits, and supervisor edits.

Workforce Management Reports

Workforce management reports are used to collect information on specific exceptions, benefits, and wage information or review employee historical information.

Scheduling Reports

Scheduling reports are used to review employee schedules, review coverage for shifts, compare actual hours to scheduled coverage, and review daily scheduled hours.

Cost Tracking Reports

Cost tracking reports are used to track dollars and hours, report pay historical information, calculate gross dollars, and review actual versus scheduled hours.

Budget Forecast Reports

Budget and forecast reports are used to track the labor budget.

W-2 Processing

PBIPayroll’s services include more than just producing paper forms. Our clients are offered the opportunity to verify all employees’ sensitive data prior to the generation of W-2s and year-end filings. PBIPayroll is in constant communication with our clients to ensure accuracy of data and timely completion of year-end processes.

Total Data Security

PBIPayroll understands the importance of having sufficient protections in place to shield our clients from critical loss exposures. So, we carry an insurance and bond policy that is unsurpassed by any other service provider. This policy will cover $1,000,000 per client, per incident.

PBIPayroll also holds a SSAE 16 certification which is an attestation of the highest standards of procedures by the AICPA.

Real-Time Payroll Reporting

Why wait for a check delivery to check reports? Once you have filed your paperwork online, you will find all of your standard payroll reports ready for viewing. Need your tax liability reports? How about a cash requirements report? Want to check the payroll or check register? File them electronically or print your reports – whichever you choose. Our report writer is available to you for any custom reporting needs you may have. All of these reports are fingertip ready when you have Real-Time Reporting.

1099 Reporting

PBIPayroll works closely with our clients to ensure that employees versus independent contractors are properly determined. By doing so, our clients minimize their risk of being fined for improper classification of individuals. At the same time, PBIPayroll will generate 1099 payments and 1099s at the year-end.

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