Where We Began

PBIPayroll offers quality, professional Payroll, HCM and ASO services you can trust.

During the mid-1980s, a group of accountants at a regional CPA firm came together to discuss issues they were hearing from their clients. A key issue was the one-size-fits-all payroll system that was being offered from very large outsourced payroll companies. Many businesses were dissatisfied, but found themselves without an alternative.

From these discussions came a vision that would become PBIPayroll, a firm that combines the stellar professional standards that clients expect with the level of customer service they crave. PBIPayroll may have begun modestly, but it has become one of the fastest growing payroll firms in the United States. PBIPayroll has been recognized for its exceptional quality and service by the American Payroll Association.

Today, business owners, accountants, and other financial professionals know there is a company they can turn to for quality, professionalism and personalized service for their business and their clients. That firm is PBIPayroll.

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