Employee Onboarding

PBIPayroll offers quality, professional Payroll, HCM and ASO services you can trust.

Performance Management

Performance reviews. No one likes living through them, but for companies large and small, they are the tool most often used to determine goals and salary increases for employees. Knowing that different companies have different needs and different questions that must be asked to conduct an effective review, PBIPayroll has created a tool to provide employers with the flexibility to design customized performance reviews. Ask questions specific to your company and the employee’s role. Get the results you need to successfully assess each member of your team.

Employee Onboarding

Make bringing on new employees a seamless experience. PBIPayroll will guide you through onboarding each new hire. We will either provide you with the necessary forms or direct you to where to find each form. Our team will provide guidance on classifying your employees versus independent contractors, exempt versus non-exempt status, minimum wage requirements, J1 visa workers, and much more. Contact PBIPayroll for the advice you need today.

Document Management

PBIPayroll’s document management system allows for document storage per employee and globally. Employees are able to view documents such as health insurance forms, 401k forms, etc. from their own employee portals.

Training and Certification Management

PBIPayroll provides HR consultants who can provide insight into managing employees effectively as well as implement processes and procedures for training, certification, and management.

If you need assistance with training, managing, or certifying your employees, contact PBIPayroll. We will connect you with an HR consultant with knowledge in your specific area of need.

Salary Management

PBIPayroll has a module that offers you an easy way to track pay raise history. Track not only dates and amounts, but also the reason your team member earned that raise and any new job responsibilities that came with it.

Paid Time Off Benefit Accruals

How much time do I have on the books? How much time have I used this year? These and other accrual questions are easily answered for employees when the company works with PBIPayroll. All it takes is a few clicks for employees to know their time used and balances – no need to knock on HR’s door any longer!

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