Background and Screening

PBIPayroll offers quality, professional Payroll, HCM and ASO services you can trust.

Relevant. Accurate. Reliable. Excellence

PBIPayroll has an expert partnership with a background and screening provider, who minimizes our clients’ future risks, decreases existing costs, and provides timely and reliable world wide information needed to grow a business.

We can offer you information on consumer and business credit reports, background investigations including domestic and international screening reports, and HR outsourcing solutions. These expert advisors personally analyze relevant data to produce customized reports with accurate and reliable information designed to facilitate the decisions that will support your company.

The solution we provide is a comprehensive suite of investigative and background reports that give you fast, accurate, and reliable information needed to verify, with confidence, whether someone is an acceptable risk. Through our partnership, you will gain the knowledge to:

Hire the Right Employees

Accept the Right Tenants

Sell to the Right Customers

Buy from the Right Vendors

Please give your PBIPayroll consultant a call to learn more about this valuable partnership.

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