Payroll Processing

PBIPayroll offers quality, professional Payroll, HCM and ASO services you can trust.

Your employees count on you to provide their paychecks on time and with all of their deductions and accruals correctly reported. Yet government rules, regulations and compliance requirements are complicated and ever-changing. Your best bet to get it all done accurately, on time and without worry is having a partner in your business’ success. Your partner is PBIPayroll.

Payroll Tax Payments: PBIPayroll provides you with a behind the scenes team that will accurately calculate all tax deductions – at every level – and makes the payments on your company’s behalf.

Direct Deposit: “Going paperless” has a whole new meaning. Try a paperless payday to provide your employees with benefits that all add up to more time, more money and less stress.

Instant Access to Wages on Payday.

PayStubs Available Online Whenever They Are Needed.

No Standing In Line to Pick Up a Paycheck or to Stop at the Bank.

No More Stress When Away from the Office on a Payday.

No Check Cashing Fees.

No Fear About Lost or Stolen Paychecks.

Paperless paydays even cost less for employers. With less paper, your entire team can feel good about reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Paperless paydays: Good for employees – Good for business – Good for everyone.

Real-Time Reporting: Why wait for a check delivery to check reports? Once you have filed your paperwork online, you will find all of your standard payroll reports ready for viewing. Need your tax liability reports? How about a cash requirements report? Want to check the payroll or check register? File them electronically or print your reports – whichever you choose. Our report writer is available to you for any custom reporting needs you may have. All of these reports are fingertip ready when you have Real Time Reporting.

Garnishments: You understand the importance of responding to court orders for garnishments on employee pay, but they are often confusing and time-consuming. And, you can be held liable for the amounts if you fail to calculate them correctly.

At PBIPayroll, we understand the process and can help you manage wage garnishment notices and payments. We can process garnishments along with the payroll for an array of payment types, including child support payments, tax levies, bankruptcies, etc.

Payroll Processing Includes:

Federal, State and Local Taxes Done for You

Timesheets and Summaries You Need, When You Need Them

Preferred User-Friendly Platform in the Payroll Industry

A Dedicated Client Success Representative for All Your Payroll Needs

W-2s Completed for You

A Variety of Reports at Your Disposal

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